We reach out isolated villages situated high up in the forests and the mountains of South West Bulgaria as we help the elderly, sick and the disabled. Up to date we have reached and carried our work in over 60 villages. Following the collapse of Communism in Bulgaria, the younger people moved to the towns to find jobs and those who were elderly and disabled stayed behind, living alone in deprived conditions. There is no medical or social care in these villages. We provide food, clothes, medication, emotional support, reading glasses and wood to those villagers who are most vulnerable.

 ‘If you can’t feed 100 people, then feed just one’ mother Teresa.

In the winter we run a feeding programme called “the Soup” providing warm, nutritious food to many in need in the mountain villages. We also have set up social hubs where the elderly can meet and have lunch together and chat about their lives. This feeding programme has provided a life line to many vulnerable older people in the winter as the temperatures drop below -15.

We also provide food parcels for those in greatest need as their pensions are minimal. Over the course of an year ‘Light for Bulgaria’ distributes food parcels to those living in great poverty.