“Light for Bulgaria” is working in partnership with local and international partners to bring change to many who are living in great poverty in Bulgaria and neighbouring countries.

Committed to change and hope

LFB has started in South West Bulgaria with a small store house where essential items were stored for those most in need or those who are facing emergency or crises. This work has grown now to encompass the surrounding region. We are helping hundreds of elderly people who are abandoned in the mountain villages to receive much needed food, clothes and medication. By mentoring many orphans we have been able to bring joy in their lives and build their resilience for a better future. Developing English and Spanish Clubs for the students has been a great success as many young people have been able to develop those language skills much needed for a brighter future and breaking the cycle of poverty. By helping families in need and crisis in rebuilding their lives, we want to be part of a change for many generations where every single person has a chance to reach their potential and have a fulfilling life.