Easter Appeal 2021: Launch of ‘Flowers of Life’ Art & Play therapy group

This Easter we are Launching a new project called ‘Flowers of Life’ Art & Play therapy group for the children we support across our projects and also for the local nurseries. ‘Light for Bulgaria’ team will partner with local artists to start and facilitate this group. The aim of the group will be for the children to talk about their feelings while they are playing and to acquire new skills. 

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This last year has been a very challenging year for most of the families and children we work with due to Covid19 as children had to study from home. Many adults they knew were ill with the virus, some have lost their income and some of the children have become fearful and anxious. A therapy group which is to be delivered in a fun, non threatening way such as ‘Flowers of Life’ will be much beneficial way of providing a safe atmosphere for the children to talk about their feelings and share any concerns they might have.  

Lets help anxious children this Easter to find new Hope and Dreams!

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